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March 26, 2008



Prospective new pick up lines for MB:

1. I'm shooting blanks
2. I have slow sperm
3. How's a hundred bucks work for 'ya.



do sperm feel pain? do i actually give a shit?

no need for props on the 'footnote' thing. stole it from kyknoord (back when he used to write in full paragraphs). my personal goal is to write more in the footnotes one of these days than the actual post...


they're not dead, they're just toying with you....

my eggs, however, are way past their use by date


oooh... let's name the song:

"When Sperm Cry"


It's been so long since I wrote in full paragraphs, I can't remember who I stole it from originally.
Make sure it's really dark when you make your - ahem - delivery so you can get the full "afterglow" effect.


Ok, so I feel it's my job to merge comments here - daisyfae is playing name that tune and kyknoord is talking about the lighting for "afterglow" effects, so with that I give you my song title that pulls both of these comments together.....ladies and gentlemen, I give you....

Ozzy Osbourne's......

...A Shot In The Dark

Thank you, I'm here all week; please remember to tip your waitresses.


thank god...because us girls are tired of being the ones in charge of the birth control alllll the time..


ooh you've been moving the furniture around.... i like the new look.


Dead tadpole dumping is illegal in Norway without a permit. I have checked the government website and even if you have a permit, foreheads are not designated dumping zones. The refuse must be dumped below the neck line and above the navel, though a 10cm tolerance is accepted. God bless a deregulated society!


Happy unloading and feel better soon.

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